Drive to Dream


(D.P.R. 430/2001)


Identity Event S.r.l. (P.IVA 11441430961), with legal office in Viale Matteotti 45, Cusano Milanino (MI), 20095, Italy, represented by its pro-tempore legal representative, promoter of the contest named “Drive to dream” (following “Promoter”), owner of the website, and also proprietor of the trademarks “Identity Event”.
For any additional information it is possible to contact:


The Promoter has delegated the company Espservice S.r.l., P.IVA 03850231204, with offices in Via Augusto Murri, 9, 40136, Bologna, represented by its pro-tempore legal representative, (following “Delegate”) to represent it pursuant to, and for the purposes of art. 5, par. 3, of the D.P.R. 430/2001, in the obligations related to the Competition.


From 09:00 A.M. on May 16th, 2022, till September 23rd, 2022, at the end of the race.
This Competition, as well as this Regulation, will be promoted and will begin only after having made the required communication to the Ministry of Economic Development within the terms prescribed by law and once the time period required by the legislation has elapsed.
Registration for the competition will be open from May 16th, 2022, till June 12th, 2022.


Skill contest, with awarding of prizes to competitors that are able to show their skills and talent in the use of the drive simulator “Assetto Corsa Competizione”, driving the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (Type 992) vehicle, in a given track, under the conditions established in the Regulation and with final assignment of further prizes by drawing lots for non-winners (awarding of prizes carried out in the presence of a Notary or an official of the Chamber of Commerce).


The Competition is aimed at promoting knowledge of Promoter and at publicizing its Drivers management and sponsorship services, in particular the Video Courses organized and sold by the Promoter, including the Video Course for the use of the Porsche 911 gt3 Cup car, as well as promoting the "Identity Event" brand and the knowledge of and participation requests for its sim racing team.


Anyone who is at least 16 years old at the time of the registration for the Competition can participate, if resident in the territories of geographic Europe, thus identified: Albania - Andorra - Armenia - Austria - Azerbaijan - Belgium - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Bulgaria - Croatia - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Georgia - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Iceland - Ireland - Italia - Latvia - Liechtenstein - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Macedonia - Malta - Moldova - Principality of Monaco - Montenegro - Netherlands - Norway - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Russian Federation - San Marino - Serbia - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Turkey - Ukraine - United Kingdom, who has buy the Video Course for the use of the Porsche 911 gt3 Cup (following “Course”) through the website
These subjects (hereinafter also “Recipients”), after purchased the Course, will receive a communication to the e-mail address used for the purchase, which will explain the methods and requirements to participate in the Competition and will inform them about this Regulation. Recipients who wish to participate in the Competition must follow the instructions contained therein and must necessarily hold a valid license for the software called "Assetto Corsa Competizione", in the version indicated by the Promoter (hereinafter also "Software" or "Driving Simulator"); participation in the competition is not permitted for them who are not holders of a valid license for this software.

In particular, these requirements are necessary:


  • a valid license of the software called “Assetto Corsa Competizione”, PC version;
  • the downloadable content DLC Challengers Pack ;
  • the downloadable content DLC 2020 GT World Challenge Pack;
  • an in-game driver account;
  • voice chat software “Discord” to interact with the Promoter and the other subjects involved in the Contest.


  • A PC that is suitable and has the right feature for the operating of the software “Assetto Corsa Competizione”;
  • An internet connection with latency lower than 150 ms between player/game server;
  • Steering wheel and pedal board or Joystick;
  • Webcam or smartphone with video connection.

The Promoter reserves the right to verify at any time the possession of the requirements to participate in this Competition and to exclude the subjects who do not have it.
The Recipients, after purchased the Course, must enter the data that are necessary to identify them required by the appropriate form on, they must read the information on the processing of personal data, accept this Regulation and they should follow all the other instructions that the Promoter will provide through the form or via e-mail. By doing so, the Recipients become participants in the Competition (hereinafter also referred to as “Participants”).
The participation is not allowed to: person under the age of 16, employees of the Promoter, of the Delegated Subjects, their consultants and all those who have contributed to the realization of the Contest “Drive to dream”.
Each Participant can register to the Competition just one time and will have the right to win just one prize. If the same individual has participated in the Competition through different e-mail addresses or fictitious names, it will be excluded from the Competition and no prize will be awarded to it, in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation.


As a prize for each Winner of the Contest there is n. 1 voucher to participate in track tests with Porsche cars (Drive test), with an indicative value of € 1.699,00= (one thousand six hundred and ninety-nine/00) each, from which the Promoter will select one or more sim drivers to promote for the 2023 season of the real gt race.

The locations, timing and exact modalities to make use of the vouchers for the Drive tests will be communicated by the Promoter and promptly made known to the Winners, with the relative details and information on how to make use of the prizes.

The track on which the Drive Tests will be held will however be communicated at least one month before the event, which will be held by the end of October 2022.

Travel expenses, board and lodging will be the sole responsibility of the Winner; any changes regarding the use of the Prizes will be promptly communicated by the Promoter.


The final draw (among all Participants not winning) will have as its object n. 2 Gaming Headphones Logitech G435 LIGHTSPEED (total indicative value € 74,90).


The total value of the prizes, as identified above, is equal to the indicative amount of € 34.054,90 (thirty-four thousand fifty-four/90); each prize is not exchangeable and cannot be converted into money or into different goods or services even if of lesser value.


The deposit, equal to 100% of the offered prizes amount, pursuant to art. 7 of the DPR 430/2001, was provided by the Promoter in favour of the Ministry of Economic Development by means of an insurance guarantee n. 32016/96/187699250, issued on April 29th, 2022, by UnipolSai Assicurazioni S.p.A., with legal office in Bologna, Via Stalingrado n. 45, CAP 40138, C.F. 00818570012 e P.IVA 03740811207 – REA n. 511469, for an amount equal to € 34,054.90 (thirty-four thousand fifty-four / 90), valid until December 31th, 2023.


Those who from May 16th, 2022, to June 12th, 2022, will buy through the site the Video Course for the use of the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car with a minimum value of 99,00= € and will register for the Contest by entering their data as required by the interface, will have the opportunity to participate in skill tests according to the following mechanism. Participation in the Contest is optional and free of charge except for the costs necessary for Internet access and hardware and software equipment required to participate which will be paid by each Participant.

The Skill Contest’s mechanism is as follows:

  1. purchase of the Video Course for the use of the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car: all those who, between May 16th, 2022, to June 12th, 2022, will purchase through the site the Course and follow the instructions provided by the Promoter to confirm that they want to participate in the Contest "Drive to dream" and to be in possession of the requirements specified in paragraph 6) above, can participate in the Contest. The Participant is required to correctly enter their personal data and authorize the processing of the same for the purposes provided for in these Regulations. It is not permitted, therefore, to enter fictitious name and surname and/or pseudonyms. Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding articles, such data will be verified by the Promoter (also by requesting the transmission of a valid identity document or any other document deemed useful for this purpose) in the award phase of the prizes and/or when deemed appropriate to control the smooth running of the Contest.
  2. CONTEST SUBJECT: The Participants will be asked to show their ability in sim racing by the Guide Simulators called “Assetto Corsa Competizione” by Kunos Simulazioni (including DLC Challengers Pack, (DLC) 2020 GT World Challenge Pack). This software measures the virtual driving ability of the Participants, through the driving of the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car (Type 992) on the following circuits of national and international importance.
  1. In addition to being in possession of a valid license for the Driving Simulator as indicated above, Participants are required to be in possession of adequate hardware and software equipment suitable for the execution of the same, as well as a stable broadband internet connection suitable to support its operation;
  2. Participants must always use the game applications provided by the Promoter; any time recorded without the aid of these applications will not be considered valid for the purposes of the Contest;
  3. Participants are required to attend a briefing prior to the competition using the Discord voice chat software. The use of this software is also essential to listen to the instructions to be followed in the various stages of the race and will be used as the official channel of communication of the race results and any penalties applied;
  4. There will be allowed only and exclusively the following aids: ABS, Engine Start, Wipers, Pit Limiter, Lights; there will not be, however, any limitation with regard to the customization of the setup of the cars;
  5. the Promoter shall not be liable in any case of inefficiency related to the malfunction of the driving simulator and/or hardware and software equipment and/or internet connection provided to the participant;
  6. the ranking of the qualifying sessions will also be visible on the Discord channel and on the website;
  7. the Promoter reserves the right to exclude a Participant from the Contest if he/she:
  • does not comply with the rules of the Sporting Code – for the information regarding the management of penalties and the Race Direction, please refer in particular to Par. 7 of the Sporting Code;
  • behaves in an unfair, fraudulent or improper manner during the in-game qualifying sessions;
  • uses the game chat in an improper way;
  • is caught taking illegal advantage through the use of any bugs or glitches in the game;
  1. further indications on the game rules and on the Software’s modalities of use are reported in the Sporting Code, at the end of these Regulations, to which reference is expressly made;
  2. Participants are required to record footage of the laps of the track made through the special tool provided by the Driving Simulator; such footage may be used in the event of any disputes and in any case must be provided at the request of the Promoter, to assess compliance with the Regulations by the Participant. Where required, in the event of failure to record and / or exhibition of such signed by the Participant, the latter will be excluded from the Contest.
  1. During the course of the Contest, Participants must abide by the rules of the Driving Simulator and maintain a behaviour characterized by a sporting spirit and respect for all other Participants. Participants must also acknowledge and respect the authority of the Promoter and any person appointed by the Promoter, and therefore abide by their decisions and instructions.
  2. For further details regarding penalties and the judgment of the Race Direction, reference is expressly made to the provisions of Chapter 7 of the Sporting Code, reproduced at the end of this Regulation.
  3. Participants must agree to comply with the Contest’s Code of Conduct, under penalty of exclusion from the Contest.  In particular, they are required to comply with the following rules:
  • Discriminatory behaviour and hate speech: Participants agree not to engage in discriminatory behaviour and/or use of obscene, vulgar, defamatory or in any way objectionable language towards the organizers, the staff involved and other Participants. This rule is to be considered valid on any online or offline platform;
  • Violence and persecution: any kind of violence and/or persecution towards those involved in the Competition is strictly forbidden;
  • Discriminatory language: any type of discriminatory word, phrase or gesture that offends the dignity or integrity of a person, a group of people, a team, a brand, a sponsor, a country, through derogatory or discriminatory words or actions because of race, colour, ethnic, national or social origin, sex, language, religion, political, or any other opinion, financial status, birth or any other condition, sexual orientation or any other reason, are strictly prohibited;
  • Trolling: posting provocative, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, blog, or any social media, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or otherwise disrupting normal discussion of the topic, is strictly prohibited;
  • Participants are prohibited from offering, or accepting, gifts or rewards to and/or from anyone for promised services related to the event;
  • Betting or gambling is prohibited; under no circumstances may a Participant or a person related to a Participant benefit directly or indirectly from betting or gambling;
  1. Participants who post defamatory, negative, destructive and/or harmful content on any online or offline platform, social network or social media, regarding the Promoter, Delegate, organizers, the game, Kunos Simulazioni and their partners and/or any other Participant’s disqualification from the Contest.


The qualification phases will take place as follows:

  1. the qualifying session is open to all Participants who meet the requirements for participation in the Contest who, after purchasing the Course, have registered via the Site during the period indicated above;
  2. the phase will take place entirely online remotely (at the location chosen by the participant using hardware and software at his disposal);
  3. Participants will be divided into groups of 48 (forty-eight) players each; the number of groups will vary depending on the number of Participants, with an overall maximum limit of 2304 (two thousand three hundred and four) Participants and a maximum of 48 groups;
  4. in order to ensure the normal running of the competition, the minimum number of Participants per group is equal to n. 24 Participants;
  5. the division into groups will be made according to the order of registration to the competition;
  6. after the closing of registrations, the Promoter expressly reserves the right to change the number of Participants per group and/or the format of the qualifying races on the basis of the actual number of Participants who will be registered for the Competition by the deadline of 12/06/2022 in order to ensure the best organization of the races;
  7. following the instructions on the Site, by means of the Driving Simulator, each Participant, according to the group they belong to, will have two qualifying races (Round 1 and Round 2), which will take place as follows:
  • Free Practice: Participants will have a 30-minute free practice session to practice the following activities;
  • Check-in: 10 minutes for the registration of the Participants;
  • Qualifying: Participants will have one 15-minute practice session to qualify for the race and outline the starting grid for the race;
  • 30-minute race, with a rolling start (the starting grid will be determined by the results obtained in the qualifying session as described above);
  • Scoring: the scores for the two rounds will be awarded according to these criteria:
    First place: 20 points;
    Second place: 15 points;
    Third place: 12 points;
    Fourth place: 10 points;
    Fifth place: 8 points;
    Sixth place: 6 points;
    Seventh place: 4 points;
    Eighth place: 3 points;
    Ninth place: 2 points;
    Tenth place: 1 point
  1. On the basis of the scores thus assigned, the ranking will be drawn up for each group of Participants; whoever obtains the highest score will win the Qualifying Race. In the event of a tie, the Participant who obtains the best result of the phase in absolute terms will have precedence (absolute best placement, if this is also equal, the placements in qualifying are looked at until the sum of the qualifying times is reached);
  2. On each of the days listed below, the qualifying races, for each group of Participants, will be held at the following times:

Round 1:

  • Check-in Round 1: h. 19:15;
  • Starting 1: h. 19:30;
  • Race 1: h. 19:50;

Round 2:

  • Check-in Round 2: h. 21:15;
  • Starting 2: h. 21:30;
  • Race 2: h. 21:50;
  1. Round 1 of each group will take place on the virtual circuit of the Autodromo World Circuit Marco Simoncelli - Misano; Round 2 of each group will take place on the virtual circuit of the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari - Imola; in both Rounds the Participants will use the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (Type 992);
  2. the qualification races, for each group of Participants, will take place according to the following schedule:
  1. n. 1 to n. 4 Groups: June 22nd, 2022;
  2. n. 5 to n. 8 Groups: June 23rd, 2022;
  3. n. 9 to n. 12 Groups: June 28th, 2022;
  4. n. 13 to n. 16 Groups: June 29th, 2022;
  5. n. 17 to n. 20 Groups: July 5th, 2022;
  6. n. 21 to n. 24 Groups: July 6th, 2022;
  7. n. 25 to n. 28 Groups: July 12th, 2022;
  8. n. 29 to n. 32 Groups: July 13th, 2022;
  9. n. 33 to n. 36 Groups: July 19th, 2022;
  10. n. 37 to n. 40 Groups: July 20th, 2022;
  11. n. 41 to n. 44 Groups: July 26th, 2022;
  12. n. 45 to n. 48 Groups: July 27th, 2022.
  1. considering the arrival position at the finishing line at the end of the regulation time/laps, the best Participants in each group will be admitted to participate in Phase 2 of the Competition (Final Races), except for possible penalties communicated subsequently by the race director/organizers appointed by the Promoter, provided they are received within 24 hours of the deadline;
  2. the number of Participants admitted to the Final Races ranges from a minimum of 48 to a maximum of 96 Participants: the exact number of players admitted to the Final Races will be determined by the Promoter on the basis of the actual number of Participants enrolled in the Competition and will therefore be promptly communicated in the days following the closing date of the registration period (06/12/2022);
  3. in the event of withdrawals, exclusions and/or other problems that make it impossible for a qualified Participant to participate in the Final Races, the Promoter reserves the right to make repechage from the official classification, proceeding in order of qualification for each group.


The Best Qualifying Entrants from each group of Participants in the Qualifying Phase, up to a maximum of 96 (ninety-six) Participants admitted, will be admitted to the Final Races, and will be held as follows:

  1. the phase shall take place entirely online remotely (at the location chosen by the participant using hardware and software available to him/her) on 23 September 2022;
  2. the date and times of the Final Competition will be promptly communicated by the Promoter;
  3. Participants will be divided into two groups of no. 48 (forty-eight) players each that will compete in two Races with the same characteristics; also in this case, the number of Participants for each group may vary depending on the actual number of Participants and any change will be promptly communicated by the Promoter;
  4. The two groups of the Final Races will be composed of the Participants who qualified in the previous Stage 1 according to the following criteria:
    - Group 1: Participants qualified as 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th in Groups of odd numbers (e.g. Groups no. 1, no. 3, no. 5, etc.) and as 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th in Groups of even numbers (e.g. Groups no. 2, no. 4, no. 6, etc.);
    - Group 2: Participants qualified as 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th in even-numbered groups (e.g. groups no. 2, no. 4, no. 6, etc.) and as 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th in odd-numbered groups (e.g. groups no. 1, no. 3, no. 5, etc.);
    The following table is given as an example:
    - yellow boxes indicate the Participants who will be in Group 1 of the Final Races;
    - green boxes indicate the Participants that will be part of Group 2 of the Final Races;
GroupsParticipant qualified on Stage 1
  1. Participants will compete with the Simulator on the virtual circuit of the Monza National Circuit using the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car (Type 992);
  2. The Final Race consists of the following phases
  1. Free Practice: Participants will have one 30-minute free practice session to practice the following activities;
  2. Check-in: 10 minutes for the registration of the Participants;
  3. Qualification: Participants will have one 20-minute session of official practice to qualify for the race and outline the starting grid for the race;
  4. Race: two thirty-minute races, with a rolling start; the starting grid will result from the results obtained in the qualifying session referred to in the previous point for race one and with a grid equal to the result of race one with the inversion of the first 6: the driver who arrives first in race 1 will start sixth in race 2, the second qualified in race 1 will start fifth in race 2 and so on until position number 6. From position 7 onward, they will retain the same starting position as the finishing position in race 1.
  5. Scores
    Scores for the two races of the finals will be awarded according to this criteria:

    Race 1:
    First place: 20 points;
    Second place: 15 points;
    Third place: 12 points;
    Fourth place: 10 points;
    Fifth place: 8 points;
    Sixth place: 6 points;
    Seventh place: 4 points;
    Eighth place: 3 points;
    Ninth place: 2 points;
    Tenth place: 1 point.

    Race 2:
    First place: 16 points;
    Second place: 12 points;
    Third place: 10 points;
    Fourth place: 8 points;
    Fifth place: 6 points;
    Sixth place: 5 points;
    Seventh place: 4 points;
    Eighth place: 3 points;
    Ninth place: 2 points;
    Tenth place: 1 point.

11.1 Winners’ identification

a) At the end of the two Final Races by both groups of Participants, a computer list will be drawn up containing the provisional classification drawn up according to the criteria expressed above;

b) the Promoter will carry out technical checks on the competitions in order to assess the attribution of any penalties and/or hypotheses of exclusion of Participants, in order to draw up the final classification;  

c) in the presence of an official of the Chamber of Commerce and / or a Notary, by viewing the footage of the races of the two groups of participants and control of any penalties applied, the final rankings will be made official;

d) the first ten classified Participants for each group, for a total of n. 20 (twenty) winners, will be entitled to win the corresponding prizes offered by the Contest, as indicated in art. 7);

e) always in the presence of an official of the Chamber of Commerce and / or a Notary, on the same occasion, among the non-winners of the Contest:

  • draw the names of the winners ("drawn winners") of 2 (two) Logitech G G435 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headphones;
  • will be drawn the names of an additional five participants, who will be considered as reserves ("reserves drawn"), to which the prizes will be awarded in case of refusal of the prizes by the winners drawn, non-responsive identity of the same during the verification of the same, violation of the rules set out in these Regulations.

f) the official identification of the Winners and the assignment of the aforesaid prizes will take place only after the procedures indicated in the preceding points have been carried out, following verification and the drawing up of a special assignment report by an official of the Chamber of Commerce and/or a Notary Public;

g) the assignment of the aforementioned prizes is in any case subject to compliance by each Participant with the provisions of the following paragraphs and the positive outcome of the checks carried out by the Promoter. Otherwise, these prizes will be awarded in accordance with the criteria set out therein, or donated to the non-profit organization identified below.

11.2 Awarding of prizes

  1. within fifteen days from the identification of the Winners, the Promoter will contact the Winners of the Contests and the Drawn Winners, by e-mail and/or through Discord channel, at the contact details indicated during the Contest, informing them that they are winners of the prizes. Through e-mail communication, the Promoter:
  1. will send the winners the document, to be completed and signed by the same, containing the declaration of acceptance of the prize;
  2. the extracted winner must also indicate the address for the shipment of the prize. The prize will be shipped by courier, so Participants are invited to indicate the above address correctly;
  3. will ask the winners to send the aforementioned document within 15 days of the request to the Promoter, under penalty of forfeiture. This document must be sent by e-mail to the address indicated by the Promoter, following the instructions provided, together with a valid identification document (front/back);
  4. within 15 days of receipt of the email from the winner, the Promoter will verify the documentation received from the winners and the identity of the same
  5. in the event of a positive outcome of the verification and in the absence of violations of the rules contained in these Regulations that may lead to exclusion, the Promoter will confirm, in the same manner, within a further 15 days, to the winners the right to the award of the prize
  6. within the same period of time referred to in the preceding point, in the event of a negative outcome of the verification, and/or in the presence of violations of the rules contained in these Regulations, and/or in the event of failure and/or incomplete sending of the communication by the winner within the deadline and/or in case of rejection of the prize, the winner will be excluded from the contest and will lose the right to the final award of the prize;
  1. in the event of one or more exclusions among the Winners of the Races, the Promoter will draw from the final classifications, up to a maximum of 6 (six) total repechage, in order of qualification, and will therefore carry out the communications and checks provided for in this article towards the same;
  2. in the event of one or more exclusions among the Winners drawn, the Promoter will draw from the list of reserves, following the order in which the reserves are drawn, and will therefore carry out the communications and verifications provided for in this article towards the latter;
  3. the activity described in the preceding points will continue until all the prizes have been awarded, and in any case no later than February 13th, 2023. Any prizes not awarded on that date will be donated to the non-profit organization designated in Article 22 below.

Once the activities described in articles 10) and 11) of this Regulation have been completed, in the presence of an official of the Chamber of Commerce or a Notary, the closing report of the Competition will be drawn up.


At any time during the Contest, the Promoter has the right to disqualify Participants in the event of:

  • alteration of the results, times and video files relating to the online sessions;
  • hardware modification: any modification made to a hardware component that enables it to function in a way that the manufacturer did not intend;
  • software modifications: any modification made to Assetto Corsa and/or the applications provided by the developers, allowing them to function in a way that the developers did not intend
  • exploiting game glitches: intentionally using any bug in the game to gain an advantage;
  • identity theft (including playing with another Participant's Steam account), to be construed as playing with another driver's account or soliciting, inducing, encouraging or directing someone else to play with another Participant's account;
  • Collusion: any agreement between two (2) or more Participants and/or other persons to influence any competition or race and/or opposing drivers;
  • any other conduct deemed by Promoter to be cheating or obtaining an unfair advantage in any way.

Participants must inform the Promoter or its designees if they become aware of any unfair exploits or violations of these Rules.
The Promoter, also through third parties appointed by the same, reserves the right to proceed, in the terms deemed most appropriate and in compliance with current legislation, to inhibit or limit actions aimed at making abusive access to their computer systems, to circumvent the system and / or software or otherwise make fraudulent attempts.
The Promoter reserves the right to carry out the necessary checks to ascertain the regularity of the participation, including, by way of example, the correctness of the data provided by the Participant.


Participate to the contest is completely free.
It is reiterated that, in the event they obtain a prize, the Participants cannot under any circumstances obtain a refund, nor the replacement of the prize with a prize of equal or different value. In case of inability to participate in the Drive Test, the Winner will not be entitled in any case to a refund (total and/or partial) of the prize itself. Similarly, the impossibility, for any reason whatsoever, even if dependent on the event organizers and/or force majeure, of using all or part of the aforementioned prize, will in no case give the right to the replacement of the same, to a refund, or to the award of a prize of different value.
In any case, the normal costs of connection, Internet, as well as the hardware and software equipment necessary to participate, will be borne by each Participant , as well as any board, lodging and transport costs that may be necessary to participate in the Drive Test.


The prizes will be sent to the shipping address communicated by the Participant while signing up to the Contest or to the different shipping address that will be communicated in the following phases of the Contest.
Considering that the communications relating to the Regulation will take place via e-mail, the Participant is required to check the correct functioning of the e-mail address provided during registration.
The Promoter and / or the Delegated subject do not assume any responsibility in case of malfunction of the Participant’s e-mail box, as well as if, by way of example but not limited to:

  1. the e-mail box is full;
  2. the email indicated by the Participant during registration is incorrect or incomplete;
  3. there was no response from the host connected to the winner’s email address used after sending the win notification email;
  4. the e-mail is disabled and / or unreachable at any time during the Competition period (for example: e-mail box inactive during registration, deactivated or expired in the phase following registration and / o when awarding the prize, etc.);
  5. the e-mail address indicated during registration is included in a blacklist;
  6. the e-mail address of the Promoter and its e-mails are entered in the Participant's spam box. In this sense, the same is recommended to consult the aforementioned section of the e-mail box communicated during registration.

Please note that in the event of non-compliance with the charges and deadlines when registering for the Competition, as well as in the context of the award procedure, the Participant will be excluded and will lose the right to receive the prize, which will be reassigned to the reserves previously identified by the Promoter.


Each Participant may enter this Contest only once and with only one e-mail address attributable to that Participant. In this sense, each Participant may only win one prize.
The Promoter reserves the right at any time to verify the identification references entered by the Participant, as well as the right to perform all activities necessary to verify the possession of the requirements to participate in this Contest and consequently reserves the right to exclude those who do not have them.
If, as a result of such verification, the Participant is entered through multiple addresses, the same will be excluded from the competition and any prize won will be awarded to those on the list of reserves, or to the NPO designated for that purpose.


The competition will be advertised through:

  • publication on website:;
  • online advertising and digital marketing campaign on websites;
  • direct marketing activities by email;
  • social networks.

The advertisements will comply to this Regulation.


The Promoter declares to renounce the right of recourse of the withholding tax ex art. 30 D.P.R. 600/73 in favour of the winners. 


The competition is governed by the Italian law of DPR n. 430/2001 on prize-giving events.
The Promoter declares that the management system, as well as the Participants’ data collection database, are hosted on servers located in Italy.
In particular, the data relating to all Participants and winners are collected and stored on servers owned by the company Aruba S.p.A., VAT number: 01573850516.


The Software will extract the winners’ data among all the Participants’ data. The participants that were already awarded will be excluded.

With regard to the Software, it was issued a specific report attesting that:

  1. the functioning of the software and the collection and re-processing of data through it are carried out in accordance with the provisions and criteria provided for in the Regulation;
  2. the data thus collected through software cannot be tampered with or altered by third parties, therefore the public faith and equal treatment of the Participants is guaranteed.

The Promoter declares that it is obliged to provide the aforementioned Ministry with the database relating to this Draw prize Competition, if requested to do so.


The Software will collect the data of the Participants, keep the lap times, assign points and positions in the ranking, in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation.
The software is created by KUNOS Simulations S.r.l. - VAT 12417031007 - Via degli Olmetti 39 / B - 00060 - Formello (RM).

With regard to the Software, it was issued a specific report attesting that:

  1. the functioning of the software and the collection and re-processing of data through it are carried out in accordance with the provisions and criteria provided for in the Regulation;
  2. the data thus collected through software cannot be tampered with or altered by third parties, therefore the public faith and equal treatment of the Participants is guaranteed.

The Promoter declares that it is obliged to provide the aforementioned Ministry with the database relating to this Skill contest, if requested to do so.

  1. NPO

The unsolicited and / or unassigned prizes will be donated to charity to the NPO FONDAZIONE NUOVO VILLAGGIO DEL FANCIULLO, with registered office Via 56 Martiri n. 79, 48124 - Ravenna, P.Iva 01220050395, C.F. 92017960391.
Any prizes awarded will have the characteristics referred to in the description above, or - if considering the needs of the NPO should it become necessary - prizes of the same value will be donated.
In the event that the aforementioned NPO does not accept the unsolicited or unallocated prizes, the Promoter will identify another NPO to which the prizes will be donated, also taking into account the nature of the prizes and the purposes specifically pursued by the organization.


This Regulation in the official and signed version are kept at the registered office of the Delegated Subject.
A complete copy of this Regulation is available on the Website and at the Promoter’s registered office.


Personal data will be processed by the Promoter and the Delegated Subject in compliance with Legislative Decree 196/03 and European Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”) and in accordance with the information provided to the Participants.
The data controller is the Promoter.
Personal data will be processed exclusively for this purpose by the appointed subjects, competent for carrying out the necessary activities for the correct management of the Competition.
In case of failure to indicate personal data, whose conferment is mandatory for the correct participation of the data subjects to the Competition, according to the provisions of the Regulation, it will not be possible to participate.
The processing of personal data may be carried out with and without the aid of electronic tools.
The individuals to whom the personal data refer have the right at any time to obtain confirmation from the Data Controller of the existence of the data and to know the content and origin, verify its accuracy or request its integration, updating, rectification, cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of processed in violation of the law, and to oppose, for legitimate reasons, to their treatment.
Winners’ data will be published on the Site and will be broadcasted on a podcast, through the Site and/or the Promoter’s social networks, also by appointed subjects, without any notice and / or without the payment of any compensation.
The Personal Data of the Participants may be used to send information to the Participants and / or advertising material in relation to the Competition and its conduct, including the award and delivery phase of the prizes.

In the event of an explicit and optional expression of consent, the data may, even after the Competition has taken place be processed by the Promoter for marketing and / or commercial promotion purposes, to send newsletters via e-mail and to send printed or digital advertising material and / or periodic newsletters, in relation to the products or services offered by the Promoter.
For the same purposes, the Promoter will be allowed to give the data to third parties.
All the information related to the data processed through the Site are accessible at:


The Promoter and / or the Delegated Subject are not responsible for any defects or malfunctions of the Participants’ hardware, software or connectivity devices that prevent or limit the Internet connection (for example, but not limited to: malfunction or difficulty regarding technical tools, the computer, the mobile and / or fixed telephone line, the cables, the electronics, the software and the hardware, the transmission and the connection, the internet connection, etc.).
In any case, no liability can be charged to the Promoter and / or to the Delegated Subject for any connection interruptions not attributable to them and / or due to force majeure.
In addition, the Promoter and / or the Delegated Subject do not assume, in any case, any responsibility towards each Participant if he indicates incorrect or incomplete data (for example, incorrect indication of the e-mail address or its insertion in a blacklist, etc.), in accordance with the previous articles.

The Promoter reserves the faculty to change in every moment and even only partially the ways to take part in the competition, with previous adequate communication and with no prejudice for Participants’ rights.



  1. General rules & Driver Conduct
  2. Drivers must use their full name in the game in order to participate in the competition.
  3. To participate in the competition the maximum allowed ping is 150.
  4. Drivers with higher ping or a spiky connection may be asked to leave the server or may be removed from it by the event administrator or Race Director.
  5. All drivers are expected to be ready to run at the designated time for official sessions.
  6. Drivers are expected to have familiarity with the regulations of the championship, as well as the specific and relevant features and rules of the game platform used.
  7. Drivers are expected to have read and understood the General Regulation.
  8. Only the race admins will decide whether a session should be delayed or restarted.
  9. It is not allowed to push the vehicle of another competitor to assist him/her - in case he/she has run out of fuel or experienced a mechanical breakdown etc..
  10. Bump drafting is also prohibited. The drivers shall provide ‘racing room’ to each other.
  11. Unsportsmanlike conduct is subject to penalties. Any driver attempting to wreck or intentionally ram another competitor may be banned from the session or even from the Championship.
  12. Event administrators, Stewards and the Race Director will oversight the sessions. Administrators can report any misconduct to be reviewed by Stewards and the Race Director, and may lead to penalties or removal from the session and/or formal rebuke or ban.
    1. Qualifying/Hotlap Session
  13. Drivers must achieve their fastest lap without exploiting external factors. It is forbidden to gain an advantage by exploiting other players on the track, such as bump drafting or driving too close to opponents in front. If a driver does so, he/she may receive a warning or even a penalty for the race session, which may include removal of the best lap time set or the obligation to start at the back of the grid. Slipstreaming may be allowed only if the aforementioned factors are not violated.
  14. Lap invalidation resulting from off-tracks are handled by the game and PTracker. Race control can also check the replay to verify if any violation of track limits has been done.
  15. It is strictly forbidden to stop on-track to teleport back to the garage. Teleporting to the garage may only be allowed from exit routes and other tarmac off-track areas (not grass or gravel), where they cannot disrupt the qualifying of other drivers. Any transgression will be severely penalized by the Stewards, and repeated offenders may receive a formal rebuke or may be banned from the series.
  16. Drivers on the outlap must let other drivers on their fast lap past by moving out of their way. The in-game blue flag system assists drivers in that. Ignoring the blue flag and holding up another driver on their fast lap are conducts that may be penalized by the Stewards.
  17. Exiting the pitlane must be done by exercising caution in order not to disrupt the timed lap of other drivers. It is strictly prohibited to cross the white line/veer and jump onto the ideal line; any violation may result in severe penalty from the Stewards.
  18. Approaching a driver on his/her fast lap and overtaking is forbidden. The driver behind must make sure that there is ample space in front before starting the timed lap while predicting potential pace differences, so that he/she does not disrupt the qualifying lap of the car in front. Drivers who disturb another driver on a fast lap from behind may be penalized by the Stewards and repeated offenders may receive a rebuke or ban from the series.
    1. Race Start
  19. The race start procedures are handled by the in-game system.
    1. Track Limits
  20. Track limits are determined by the game itself, utilizing the in-game warning and penalty system for infractions. Race Control is assisted by PTracker for review further violations.
  21. Pit entry/exit lanes are considered part of the racing surface for the cars on track, unless admins decide otherwise for certain track layouts. Drivers using the pits have to stay within pit entry/exit lane lines with all four wheels and are not allowed to cross over. Riding on the line will be acceptable and any penalty decision will be at the discretion of the stewards.
  22. Going off of track with all four wheels due to a mistake is considered part of racing. Leaving the track at the same corner(s) repeatedly may be deemed as gaining an advantage and a penalty may be given either by the in-game penalty system or the Stewards.
  23. Gaining a position or gaining an advantage against a competitor or gaining track position (gaining time) by leaving the track in any way is against the rules, regardless of any in-game penalty that may be handed out, and the Stewards may apply penalties because of that, unless the driver gives back the position immediately or slows down to compensate within the same lap.
  24. Flag rules
  25. Yellow flags are enforced and drivers must respect the “No passing when under yellow” rule. Drivers must be cautious and prepare for slowing down to avoid any incident ahead.
  26. If the drivers ignore yellow flags, it is within the Stewards discretion to apply or not a penalty.
  27. Blue flags: they are advisory only, slow/lapped drivers do not have to pull aside, they can stay on their line.
  28. A blue-flagged driver is not allowed to defend his track position against the lapping car and he/she should stay on his/her line. Intentionally holding up or defending against a lapping car may determinate, the application of a penalty or even the disqualification of the driver by the live Stewards. Drivers about to be lapped have to behave in a predictable way without sudden changes of direction or track position.
  29. Lapped drivers are allowed to unlap themselves as long as they can pull away after passing the driver that has a lap advantage.
  30. On track behaviour
  31. The driver in front has the right to choose any line at any section of the track. The driver in front loses this right when an overtaking driver brings his front wheel line up with the other drivers’ rear wheel. At this point drivers are in a “side-by-side” position and they both have to give each other at least 1 car’s width room.
  32. Defending is allowed and accepted as a reaction by the driver in front. It is not allowed to defend if there is any overlap between cars. Note that following a racing line into a corner is not considered defence (unless cars are deemed side-by-side).
  33. Both the passing driver and the driver in front are responsible for fair racing during the pass. It is the passing driver’s responsibility to choose a safe timing for the pass.
  34. Pass attempts at a turn is what causes most accidents. The preferred racing line through most corners is usually very narrow and sometimes it will be impossible for two cars to share tight corners side-by-side at full speed. For each corner, the right to the preferred racing line is decided at the turn-in point. A driver attempting to pass at corner entry has to be in a side-by-side position at the turn-in point to have a right to enter the corner side-by-side. If not, this driver must back off and give way to the driver up front.
  35. Dive-bombing should be avoided and is subject to a penalty. If the attempting driver was out of control and caused contact, or time loss to another driver, the penalties applied may be harsher than normal.
  36. Brake checking, unnecessary slowing through a corner, punting, bump-passing, cutting-off or chopping, whether there is contact or not, are not permitted and will be subject to penalty.
  37. Blocking is not allowed and subject to a penalty.
  38. Weaving to break a draft is considered blocking.
  39. Out-of-control or spinning drivers should lock their brakes to make it easier for other drivers to predict their movements. After a spin, the driver must keep the brakes pressed to make sure the car does not roll forward or back in order to not create an unpredictable situation for cars passing by.
  40. Drivers who go off track limits, if they can keep their cars under control, should slow down or wait for traffic to clear and re-join in a safe manner.
  41. Incident Reviews & Penalties
  42. Official Race sessions will be reviewed by race Stewards live within the Race Director.
  43. Reviews will be conducted by a minimum of two Stewards and the Race Director. Warning/penalty decisions will be issued by the Race Director.
  44. Penalty criteria are as follows:

 .     Unavoidable contact or action: Racing incident, no penalty;

  1. Avoidable contact or action:
  2. Warning
  3. 5 seconds penalty
  4. 15 seconds penalty
  5. 30 seconds penalty
  6. DQ (Disqualification from results)

Unsportsmanlike conduct or any other misdemeanour: Warning, Disqualification or Ban from the series as determined by the Administrators and the Race Director.

  • If a driver makes an avoidable contact and causes another driver to spin, lose positions or sustain heavy damage, the offending driver can expect a 15 seconds penalty as a minimum.
  • Repeat offenders will receive a 30 second penalty with gradual severity.
  • Stewards will exercise reasonable judgement at all times and particularly when reviewing light contacts, taps, bumps.
  • The Stewards will note and review all incidents happened during each session. During a race, priority will be given to incidents involving cars in the first 10 positions, however all incidents noted will be reviewed either during or after each race. Any incident brought to the attention of the Stewards using an incident report submitted via the post-race Protest system will be reviewed as soon as possible, but after the Stewards have completed their review of incidents noted during a race. Incidents not filed via the Protest system may not be reviewed by the Stewards.
  • The final results may be issued only after the Stewards have reviewed all incidents and applied the corresponding penalties. The final results will include any post-race penalty applied by Race Direction.


Participants may be allowed to file protests up to 30 minutes after the race session is concluded. A text channel on the Drive to Dream Discord server named “Protest” will be open, and in that time participants may submit their protests in the following format:


Opponent car(s)#:



Sort description of the incident:………………..

A message will be posted by an Administrator confirming the start time of the Protest window (the time that the race ended). A further message will be posted to confirm the closure of the 30-minute window. Protests not sent in this timeframe will not be accepted and examined.

  • Protests sent with the wrong format or incomplete may be discarded by the Stewards without viewing their content.
  • Participants misusing the Protests channel by needless chatting, flaming and calling out other drivers will be penalised or even disqualified from the event/series.
  • Warning and BWP
  • Penalties issued by the Stewards during the official sessions, except during the Grand Final’s events, will lead to Behavioural Warning Points (BWP) that will be accumulated during the events execution:
  • Once a driver reaches 12 BWP, he/she will not be permitted to participate in the event following the event where the last penalty was issued. The points will be cancelled for the subsequent event.
  • If a driver reaches 12 points more than once during the championship. he/she will be disqualified from the series.
  • Track limits warnings and penalties, pitlane speeding penalties and disqualification issued by the game itself are not included in the BWP system and they will not result in BWP, unless the Stewards find it necessary to duplicate the warning or penalty with one applied by Race Direction to make it counts towards BWP.
  • If a driver, who would be eligible to participate in the Grand Finale event based on his/her championship points, exceeds the 12 BPW after the 4th round of the championship, he/she may not be allowed to participate in the Grand Final event, and his/her slot in the Grand Final event will be taken by the next driver in the standings.
  • Besides granting a BWP, warnings issued during the qualification will be added to the series. Violating qualifying rules twice in the series will lead to a grid penalty determined by Race Direction.
  • BWP of each driver with more than 0 will be displayed in the official final results issued by the Organiser.
  • BWPs are assigned according to the following criteria:
    • Race DQ – 10 points
    • 30 seconds penalty – 8 points
    • 15 seconds penalty – 4 points
    • 10 seconds penalty – 2 points
  • If a driver exceeds 3 Warnings during a single race, he/she will receive 30 seconds post-race penalty.
  • For each race in which the driver participates without gaining additional Behaviour Warning Points, two points will be deducted from the total. Negative scores will not be taken into account.
  • Additional Rules on the Server
  • In-game CHAT window must be enabled for all official test and event sessions in the game’s UI settings. The organiser will not accept any complaints about missed messages if sent using this chat.
  • No in-game text chatting is permitted during Qualifying and Race. Players not complying to this rule may be warned or penalized during or after the session. Repeated offenders may receive a penalty affecting his or her race result or standings in the series or even a ban from the championship.